Walk On The Other Side Of The Street

If you are like me, and you have a regular route that you walk, you might tend to always walk on the same side of the street. Most of the time, the destinations I am heading to are on the north side of Broadway so I generally walk on that side. Often when we’re walking we don’t observe and look around much either as we focus on getting to our destination.

The other day I had some reasons to walk on the south side of Broadway. It’s interesting to discover what you might miss out on when you stick to one side of the road! It was one of the more milder and pleasant days of early March and I was not in a rush to get anywhere. As a result, I slowed my pace down and was having glances across the road.

Sometimes, things seem to happen for a reason. Just the evening before, I was having a conversation with a dear and loved friend about olive oils and balsamic vinegar. My friend is from Greece and that evening, I learned about the differences in the taste of olive oils from different regions as well as different brands of Balsamic vinegar. Of course, my friend is biased towards Greek oils and vinegars – and claims they are the best. She could be correct; it seems that Greek olive oil in Orangeville is not easy. I’ve tried.

So that is what surprised me so much as I walked down the south side of Broadway and glancing at the shops on the north side. I thought I knew all the stores that were there, and so in light of the conversation I had the evening before, I was a bit astonished to see a sign above one of the stores, “Olive Oil & Balsamic Tasting Bar.”

“Wow, that’s pretty awesome!” I thought to myself. Although I was not in a rush, I was heading someplace and did not really have time to cross the road and go investigate. Later though, I did some research and discovered that a relatively new shop called “Route 145” has opened on Broadway, and part of their offerings are different olive oils as well as balsamic vinegars. Route 145 seems to have an eclectic offering of products including home decor, gourmet foods and the aforementioned olive oils with a tasting bar where you can sample them

From their website, I could not find any olive oils from Greece, but nevertheless, I plan on, very soon, going into Route 145 and having a look around. And definitely sampling some olive oil and balsamic vinegars!

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