Steakhouse 63 – History Of The Building

Steakhouse 63. Photo by Ian Scott.

As you drive along Broadway toward Highway 10, you might notice a beautiful building located on the corner of Third Street and Broadway. Today, 63 Broadway is home to a restaurant and over the years, has been under a variety of different ownerships.

When 63 Broadway was built about 1850, Orangeville was growing as a community but it would not officially become incorporated as a village until more than ten years later, in 1863. However, the settlement was approximately half way between Toronto and Owen Sound and Irishman James Graham decided to replace a wooden structure with the present stone building that was built as a tavern and hotel. Travelers between Toronto and Orangeville would stop at Graham’s hotel for rest and of course, food and refreshment.

Today, one can only imagine what a trip between Toronto and Collingwood or Owen Sound would have been like, back in the 19th and early 20th century. There were no motorized vehicles and travel was done by horse-drawn carriage on roads that might have been not much more than paths in some places. Arriving in Orangeville after several hours of travel and being able to settle into a comfortable room and obtain nourishment would have likely have been an experience providing a sense of relief, especially to the weariest of travelers, in those days.

The Georgian style building was created from material sourced locally and it remains as a major landmark on Broadway. The present owners have done a fantastic job with the gardens in front and ensuring the maintenance of the building which provides a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

The hotel and tavern building was one of the first permanent structures to be built in Orangeville, and as such, today is one of the oldest in the town.

While today you won’t get hotel accommodations at Steakhouse 63, you can enjoy moderately priced dining in a casual classy atmosphere that also includes vegetarian options, an extensive wine list, and free parking. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday between the hours of 4:30pm and 8:30pm.

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