Before Buying Your First Horse – 3 Truths to Consider First

You’re thinking of buying your first horse to fulfill a lifelong dream. But, have you done the homework that is necessary to make sure the dream doesn’t become a night mare? You want to buy a young horse so that you can learn together. Here are 3 truths to consider before making that decision.

Truth #1: Any money saved buying a young horse will be spent on training.

It takes years to train a horse well and no time at all to teach a horse unwanted and unsafe behaviours. Riding lessons and horse training can cost thousands of dollars. And, there is no guarantee that the “finished” horse will be exactly what you wanted. You are far wiser to spend more money purchasing a horse that has experience doing the type of work you desire and can tolerate your learning curve.

Truth #2: Riding is a partnership and one of the partners should know more than the other.

Green riders should have a well-schooled, experienced horse with a patient, forgiving temperament for their first equine partner. Young horses deserve to have an experienced rider who has the knowledge and riding skill to train them correctly. You cannot learn to ride or improve your own limited riding skills while working with a horse with minimal or no training.

Truth #3: A responsible horse owner also needs to be knowledgeable about horse care and management.

Whether you keep your horse at home or at a boarding stable where someone else provides the day to day care, an educated and well-informed owner must be an advocate for their horse to ensure he is getting good, quality care. Will you know if your horse is being fed and managed appropriately? Will you recognize any signs of illness, poor condition or lameness? A horse cannot speak up for itself and needs his owner to be his advocate.

The Success Story

You and your horse are working together as true partners. You are both calm, level headed and relaxed. You enjoy just hanging out together and have developed a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. This is a dream come true.

Anne Gage is a Gold Level trainer certified in the Chris Irwin method of horsemanship. She teaches adult riders to confidently work with their horses, improve their riding skills and bring the joy back into their riding experience. Her training and coaching methods are based on building mutual trust & respect between horse and human. Anne coaches and trains clients out of High Point Farm near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada and also travels to other locations giving one & two day clinics, workshops and private sessions. For more information, visit her website

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